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ABOUT SIGNET EV INC. Signet EV Inc. is a leading electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solution provider. The company was spun off from Signet Systems Inc., the world leader in charging solutions for automotive and industrial applications including electric vehicles, scissor lifts, utility vehicles and golf carts with over 1.4 million on-board chargers delivered globally since 1998. Signet has been working closely for many years with Marubeni Corporation, the largest Japanese integrated trading and investment company. Marubeni is a grobal sales partner of Signet, and distributes Signet products all over the world since 2011.

By integrating Signet’s technology and Marubeni’s worldwide network, Signet EV focuses on providing and servicing turnkey solutions for charging network operators, automotive OEMs, power utilities, public agencies and other customers throughout the world. Its products integrate state-of-the-art electronics and network management software with user-friendly designs and advanced safety controls, and are available in a wide range of configurations. Products include 20, 50, 150 and 350 kW DC chargers with CHAdeMO, CCS and dual CHAdeMO/CCS compliant dispensers. With over 3,500 DC fast chargers and 4,000 AC charger deployed globally to date, Marubeni and Signet EV are playing a key role in supporting the rapidly growing e-mobility market.
  • 2018
    • .08 Additional Order "Electrify America" 86 EA, DC Ultra-Fast Charger
    • .04 Award "ELECTRIFY AMERICA" 340EA, DC Ultra-Fast Charger
  • 2017
    • .09 Signet EV listed on Konex [Stock Market]
  • 2016
    • .12 Signet EV Inc. Established
  • 2015
    • .06 SIGNET EVSE Inc. established(LA, U.S.A. local corporation)
      VA, U.S.A Branch established on Mar.2016)
  • 2011
    • .02 Electric vehicle DC fast charger sales agreement signed with Marubeni Corporation
  • 2010
    • .11 Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Minister commendation Award
    • .11 G20 Conference Electric vehicle Bus service
      (Installed Electric vehicle charging station at Jamsil stadium)
  • 2006
    • .11 Awarded "10Million dollars tower of export" at the 43rd trade day
  • 2005
    • .11 "5Million dollars tower of export" at the 42nd trade day
  • 2001
    • .09 Small and Medium Business Technological innovation Grand prize
      (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy Minister prize)
  • 2000
    • .10 Make 6 Million USD Contract with U.S.A. "Upright Company"
  • 1998
    • .05 Acquired "AC Chopper Type AVR" Patent(No.0218087)
    • .04 Established Signet System